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I went into Computer Science because I love solving puzzles.  I'm forever looking at what causes a problem and finding ways to fix it.  This is what I love about computer science; you get to help people by solving their problems.  I also like that computer science lets you combine any other interest or discipline with it.  You can create medical devices to help save lives, or computer programs that translate languages so that people can understand each other.



When I was in High School, everyone in the "smart kids" class wanted to be an engineer.  I didn't know exactly what that meant, but I knew that I wanted to build computers.  I got a summer job with NASA and wrote computer programs for several space projects.


I chose to complete a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and become a Dietetian because I am fascinated by how the nutrients we consume affect our health. I love understanding how the food is metabolized in our body and the role of specific nutrients. Nutrition is a fundamental part of the prevention, treatment and management of many diseases and health conditions.

I like learning about the anatomy of our body and different disease. I also like working with people and educating them on how to use nutrition to reach their best possible health. A dietitian must also be skilled in math.

This is because in the hospital setting they are responsible for calculating individual’s energy and protein needs and then if an individual can not meet these needs orally by feeding them through a vein or through a tube directly into their stomach or intestine.


I'm an optician and I get to use math everyday to solve problems for our patients so that they can see better.  My job requires both Math and Physics to do adjustments on glasses and to do the lab work required to make the lenses.  It's a fun job that always keeps you on your toes and thinking of new ways to help people.



Tell us about her

Do you know a fun fearless female in STEM?  If you do we'd love to hear about her.  What she does and why she loves it.

What jobs would you like to hear about?  There's probably one STEM career that interests you more than any other.  If we don't already have that career in the table above let us know and we'll try to find someone who fills those shoes.


Who do you know?  Who do you want to know?

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