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Name: Courtenay Stewart            Current Club/Training Site: Stanford University                                           Years on National Team: 6

Courtenay has just completed her first year of study at Stanford University. Her major is Human Biology with a concentration on Sports Medicine. She is planning on going to Medical school after she is done with her undergrad. Her current plans are to become a doctor and to hopefully work with high performance athletes. When asked how she felt competing at the World Championships in Montreal, she said:  "There is nothing like competing in your own country. In a sport like synchronized swimming, it is easy to be fueled by the energy from the crowd. I have never seen so much Canadian support and excitement surrounding the pool and I think it motivated every athlete."  She is competing for the Stanford Synchronized swimming team. When not at the pool, she loves to snowboard, waterski and be at the beach. Courtenay loves to read, listen to music, hang out with friends and family and travel.

Name: Marie-Pier Boudreau Gagnon Current Club/Training Site: Montréal Synchro
Years on National Team: 7

Marie-Pier first became interested in synchronized swimming at the age of seven after watching Sylvie Fréchette on television. The sport opened a whole new world for Marie-Pier and led her to believe that determination and passion are the route to success.  When asked how she felt competing at the FINA World Championships in 2005 in Montreal, she said it was the best experience of her life.  Marie-Pier is taking Applied Science at a Cegep and plans to attend the University of Montreal in September 2006.  Her career aspiration is to work as a Pharmacist. 

Name: Jessika Dubuc
Current Club/Training Site: Montréal Synchro
Years on National Team: 6

Jessika likes to relax in front of a good movie with her friends. She loves nature and enjoys hiking and rock climbing with her father and uncle. Her family is very important to her, so she likes to participate in activities with them. She appreciates moments she can spend with her friends. She studies part time and plans a career as a nutritionist.



Name: Ève Lamoureux
Current Club/Training Site: Montréal Synchro
Years on National Team: 3

Ève first encountered synchronized swimming when she observed a practice after her swimming lessons and has stuck with it through the ranks all the way to the National Team level.  Always a perfectionist, Eve would like to move up to the National A team and represent Canada at the 2008 Olympic Games.  She is currently studying natural science at the Cégep Ahuntsic, and in her free time likes to read, go to the movies, and drink coffee with friends, as well as running and weight training. 


Name: Laura McClemont
Current Club/Training Site: Montreal Synchro
Years on National Team: 2

Laura became involved in synchronized swimming when her would-be National Junior coach Julia Warren made a presentation to her grade 2 class, and is now a second year National Team Athlete.  Ever ambitious, Laura hopes to be a member of the 2008 Canadian Olympic Team as well as become a doctor after she graduates from McGill University where she is studying science. In her spare time Laura likes to read, watch TV, listen to music, and hang out with friends, as well as hiking, cycling, and running. 


Name: Genevieve Belanger
Current Club/Training Site: Montreal Synchro, Quebec
Years on National Team: 1


At the age of nine Geneviève decided to try out Synchro for herself and she continues to excel at the sport as a current member of the Canadian National Junior Team, a feat that falls in line with her motto: “If I start something I finish it!”  She currently attends high school at Collège Laval and, always ready to give her best, she aspires towards becoming a doctor as well as a member of the Canadian Olympic Team.  In her spare time, Geneviève enjoys going to the movies with friends, shopping, biking, and playing both tennis and basketball.


Name: Vanessa Lavoie
Current Club/Training Site: Synchro Elite
Years on National Team: 1

Vanessa has been participating in synchronized swimming since the age of seven and is now on the National Junior Team.  She is also currently studying biology at the Cégep de Sainte-Foy, and hopes to finish her studies in the near future and begin an exciting career. 


Name: Anastasia Polonska
Current Club/Training Site: Montreal Synchro
Years on National Team: 1

From the first moment she saw synchronized swimming Anastasia was hooked. She has been actively pursuing the sport since 1996 and lists the Olympics as a future goal. In addition to practicing synchro Anastasia also enjoys playing the piano, reading and working on the computer.


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